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We provide all types of Security Surveillance Services


City Surveillance Solutions

• Implementation of city-wide surveillance systems.
• Installation and maintenance of AI- based cameras for urban security.
• Integration of ANPR and facial recognition technology into surveillance networks.
• Centralized command and control center setup for real-time monitoring.
• Consultation services for designing and planning city surveillance projects.


Smart City Solutions

• Development and execution of smart city initiatives.
• Deployment of smart mobility solutions for traffic management and public transportation.
• Implementation of environmental sustainability projects for energy efficiency and conservation.
• Design and implementation of digital governance platforms for citizen engagement.
• Collaboration with government agencies and urban planners to develop smart city master plans

it infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Support

• Setup and maintenance of IT infrastructure for surveillance systems.
• Network design and optimization for seamless data transmission.
• Installation of storage solutions for video footage and data management.
• Technical support services for troubleshooting and system upgrades.
• Cybersecurity solutions for protecting surveillance networks from cyber threats.


Integration and Customization Services

• Integration of third-party technologies into existing surveillance systems.
• Customization of surveillance solutions to meet specific industry requirements.
• Testing and validation services to ensure compatibility and functionality.


System Integrator for Smart Technology Solutions

• Integration of IoT devices for smart city initiatives.
• Development of data analytics platforms for actionable insights.
• Implementation of cloud and edge computing solutions for data processing.
• Design and deployment of integration platforms for interoperability.
• Consulting services for smart technology adoption and implementation strategies.


AI-Based Surveillance Solutions

• Installation of AI-driven surveillance systems for security and crime prevention.
• Deployment of facial recognition technology for access control and identification.
• Implementation of ANPR solutions for vehicle tracking and monitoring
. • Integration of behavior analysis algorithms for anomaly detection and threat identification.
• Customization of surveillance solutions based on client-specific requirements and use cases.


Consultation and Advisory Services

• Strategic consultation on security and surveillance best practices.
• Advisory services for smart city planning and implementation.
• Needs assessment and feasibility studies for project planning.
• Technology evaluation and recommendation for infrastructure upgrades.
• Training programs for personnel on surveillance system operation and maintenance.

maintenance and support

8. Maintenance and Support Services

• Routine maintenance and inspection of surveillance hardware and software.
• 24/7 technical support and helpdesk services for troubleshooting
. • Remote monitoring and management of surveillance systems.
• Emergency response services for critical incidents and system failures.
• Software updates and patches to ensure system security and performance.

Working efficiently

Maintenance and Aftercare

Real-time IT support

ChipScape has a dedicated team of service engineers able to offer professional care for all of your AV and Surveillance equipment and systems. Give your team access to Chipscape’s elite squadron of over 50+ IT technicians less than 10 minutes.

Strategic Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

We have been solving end user audio visual issues for over a decade. During this time, a tried and tested menu of best practices has been established in order to deliver a quick and effective service. Issues can be rectified in a number of ways including trouble shooting via video / audio conference or on site repair. Many of our clients’ Surveillance systems are critical to their day to day operation. We recognize the frustration downtime can cause therefore have included active preventative measures within our service offering. Our maintenance and repair services are available on an ad-hoc or annual basis. Please get in touch with our service team to learn more about our cover packages or alternatively to discuss a tailor made package; service@chipscape.com

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Standard Plan

$30 /Month

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  • 10 GB disk space availability
  • 50 GB NVMe SSD for use
  • Free platform access for all
  • Free lifetime updates facility

Professional Plan

$85 /Month

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  • 500 GB disk space availability
  • 100 GB NVMe SSD for use
  • Free platform access for all
  • Free lifetime updates facility

Enterprise Plan

$199 /Month

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  • 1000 GB disk space availability
  • 200 GB NVMe SSD for use
  • Free platform access for all
  • Free lifetime updates facility

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