4G Body Worn Camera


  1. H.265 video compression for efficient storage and transmission of high-quality footage.
  2. Offers a wider field of view to capture more of the surrounding environment.
  3. Live streaming with two-way audio functionality for real-time communication.
  4. Records video at a resolution of 2304×1296 pixels at 25 frames per second for crisp and smooth footage.
  5. Captures snapshots with up to 40 megapixels for detailed images.
  6. Built-in 4G, GPS, GPRS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless communication and data transfer.
  7. Provides built-in encrypted internal storage to ensure the security of recorded data.
  8. Equipped with a replaceable 3450mAH Li-Ion battery for extended usage time.
  9. Offers 10 to 12 hours of continuous recording on a single charge for long-duration operations.
  10. IP67 molded body for durability and resistance to dust and water ingress.
  11. Supports AI integration for advanced features such as face recognition and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) algorithms, enhancing operational efficiency and security.

BWC Docking Station


1. Automated Video Offload

  • Videos automatically transferred during docking

  • Securely streamed over network or local storage

  • Configured file saving structure

  • Metadata tagging capabilities

2. Battery Charging & Power Management

  • Fully recharges docked body cams

  • Power priority configuration options

3. Device Configuration & Firmware Management

  • Update camera firmware & settings

  • Customize & provision new devices

  • Configure wireless upload settings

4. Evidence Security & Chain-of-Custody

  • Video encryption during transfer

  • Unauthorized access prevention

  • Comprehensive audit trail logging

5. Docking Station Management Software

  • Centralized control of all docks

  • Automated video offload workflows

  • Cloud or on-premise server integration

6. Service monitoring and reporting

BWC Docking Station


  1. During docking, videos are automatically transferred and securely streamed over either network or local storage, with a configurable file saving structure and metadata tagging capabilities.
  2. Battery Charging & Power Management includes fully recharging docked body cameras and offers power priority configuration options.
  3. Device Configuration & Firmware Management involves updating camera firmware and settings, customizing and provisioning new devices, and configuring wireless upload settings.
  4. Evidence Security & Chain-of-Custody ensures video encryption during transfer, prevents unauthorized access, and maintains comprehensive audit trail logging.
  5. Docking Station Management Software enables centralized control of all docks, automates video offload workflows, and integrates seamlessly with cloud or on-premise servers.
  6. Service monitoring and reporting