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AI-Driven Surveillance Technologies


Importance of AI-Driven Surveillance Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven surveillance technologies represent a paradigm shift in the field of security and surveillance, revolutionizing the way organizations monitor and protect their assets, infrastructure, and personnel. At Chipscape, we leverage cutting-edge AI algorithms and advanced analytics to develop intelligent surveillance solutions that provide real-time insights, proactive threat detection, and enhanced situational awareness.

Key Features


Face Recognition

Face recognition technology enables the automated identification and verification of individuals based on facial features captured by surveillance cameras. By comparing live or recorded images against a database of known faces, AI algorithms can accurately identify persons of interest, track their movements, and alert security personnel to potential security threats or unauthorized access attempts.


Behavior Analysis

Behavior analysis algorithms analyze patterns of movement, interactions, and activities captured by surveillance cameras to detect anomalies, suspicious behavior, or potential security breaches. By applying machine learning techniques to analyze complex datasets, AI-driven behavior analysis systems can identify deviations from normal behavior and trigger alerts or alarms to notify security personnel of potential threats or security incidents in real-time.


2Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR technology allows for the automatic detection, recognition, and recording of vehicle license plates using optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms. By capturing license plate data from vehicles passing through monitored areas, AI-driven ANPR systems can facilitate law enforcement activities, traffic management, and access control measures, enabling authorities to track and monitor vehicle movements efficiently.

Face Detection and Recognition System


Face is the new identity. Our face recognition solution is strong enough to identify faces and link it to their details. This Software is going to be a game changer for Security Department. From specialized cameras installed for the Face Detection our Software can instantly identify people who are crime accused and are in watch list. Officers will get instant alert through our software that a crime accused/suspect has been identified at a particular location. This increases the crime detection rate and the duration of time required to catch suspects and secure the Government premises. Along with Face Recognition the software can have a log of all the people who roamed around in the camera location which can be used for historical searches.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a technology that is used to automatically read and recognize vehicle license plates. It will use CCTV cameras specially designed and configured for Number Plate Recognition which will be installed in important locations of the premises. ANPR is used for law enforcement purposes to check if a vehicle is registered or licensed, to alert when any stolen vehicle is detected, to alert when any vehicle in watch-list is found. Automatic Number Plate Recognition also stores the images of number plates as well as the text from the license plate for future searches and report generation and also the entry/exit timings of the vehicles visiting the premises.

View Number Plate Detection Results, Perform Number Plate Search, Search based on Vehicle Color, Model, Date Range, Generate Reports, all in a single interface.

View Number Plate Detection Results, Perform Number Plate Search, Search based on Vehicle Color, Model, Date Range, Generate Reports, all in a single interface.a


Live Number Plate Captured in ANPR Software

Captured Vehicle Details in ANPR Software

  • Live Number Plate Detection: Detection of License plate in real time from live video feed from several cameras. And results are displayed in a single unified interface.
  • Number Plate & Vehicle Images: Full image of the vehicle as well as cropped license plate image will be available.
  • Vehicle Recognition: Vehicle Color, Make, Model is recognized for most vehicle and is available along with the number plate data.
  • Versatile Solution: The software is capable of recognizing multi-line license plates. And recognizes license plates also in low lighting conditions.
  • Watch-list Alerts: The software generates an alert whenever the vehicle in the watch-list is detected in any of the connected cameras
  • Extensive Search: Search based on various parameters like number plate, date-range, partial number plate, vehicle color, vehicle make, model etc.,

Vehicle Details Search in ANPR Software


Live Number Plate Captured in ANPR Software

Evidence Management System


Depending on Law Enforcement officer’s need, the solution is able to provide video recording, secure digital media storage and management, and paperless tracking and reporting. This System is suitable for agencies trying to streamline and become more economical.


  • Create retention policy for evidence.
  • Customize user access and permission roles.
  • Share evidence with other department.
  • Live view and GPS Live Tracking
  • Generate reports on the basis of time period.
  • Review Evidence Online Video, Audio, Photo playback.

Full audit trail of every actions taken by user across Digital Evidence Management System.


AI-driven surveillance technologies offer significant advantages in security and crime prevention by enabling organizations to proactively detect, deter, and respond to security threats effectively. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms and analytics, organizations can enhance situational awareness, optimize resource allocation, and mitigate security risks, ultimately safeguarding their assets, infrastructure, and personnel from harm


Proactive Threat Detection

AI-driven surveillance technologies enable organizations to proactively detect and respond to security threats before they escalate, minimizing the risk of incidents and mitigating potential losses. By continuously monitoring for suspicious activities and behavior patterns, AI-driven surveillance systems can alert security personnel to potential threats in real-time, enabling prompt intervention and prevention of security breaches


Efficient Resource Allocation

AI-driven surveillance technologies optimize resource allocation by automating routine tasks, reducing false alarms, and prioritizing alerts based on the severity and likelihood of security incidents. By leveraging AI algorithms to analyze and classify security events, organizations can allocate security resources more efficiently, ensuring that personnel are deployed where they are most needed and reducing response times to critical incidents.


Enhanced Situational Awareness

AI-driven surveillance technologies provide organizations with enhanced situational awareness by aggregating and analyzing data from multiple sources, including video feeds, sensor data, and historical records. By integrating disparate data sources and applying advanced analytics, AI-driven surveillance systems can provide security personnel with comprehensive insights into security risks, enabling them to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to mitigate threats effectively.


Crime Prevention and Deterrence

AI-driven surveillance technologies act as a deterrent to criminal activities by increasing the perceived risk of detection and apprehension. By deploying highly visible surveillance cameras equipped with AI-driven analytics, organizations can deter potential offenders from engaging in criminal behavior, reducing the incidence of theft, vandalism, and other unlawful activities in monitored areas.

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