AI Enabled Dual Lens Dash Camera 


  1. AI-enabled technology for advanced features driver behavior analysis.
  2. Dual lens design for simultaneous recording of the road ahead and the interior of the vehicle.
  3. High-resolution video capture for clear and detailed footage.
  4. Wide-angle lenses to capture a broader field of view both inside and outside the vehicle.
  5. Integrated GPS for accurate location tracking and speed monitoring.
  6. G-sensor technology for automatic collision detection and event recording.
  7. Loop recording functionality to continuously overwrite old footage and ensure uninterrupted recording.
  8. Built-in 4G/Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless data transfer and remote access to footage.
  9. Compact and discreet design for easy installation and minimal distraction to the driver.
  10. Advanced night vision capabilities for clear recording in low-light conditions.

Integrated Smart Pole


  1. Efficient lighting design combined with elegant aesthetics.
  2. Integration of various devices including smart lighting, Mini base station, weather station, wireless AP for WiFi, broadcasting speaker, surveillance camera, LED display, emergency call system, and charging station.
  3. Support for advanced functionalities such as intelligent VCA (Video Content Analysis) functions.
  4. Seamless integration with other smart city infrastructure for centralized monitoring and control.
  5. Support for two-way audio communication with adjustable volume levels.
  6. User-friendly interface for intuitive control and management of smart pole functionalities.