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Stay Connected, Stay Secure: The Future of Fleet Management Begins Here with K245

Empower Your Fleet with Next-Generation Video Telematics: Introducing K245

K245 is an all-in-one fleet connected camera solution which helps fleet managers evolve their solutions to forward-thinking video telematics. Built in with powerful Qualcomm   processor and Android” platform, it not only provides outstanding processing performance, but also flexibility with a suite of APls & SDK for system and cloud integration.

High-speed 4G LTE allows remote live view to ensure operators have full control over their fleets. K245 also equips dual full HD cameras for continuous road-facing and in-cabin* recording, providing video evidence when unexpected event occurs. Its tamper-resistant and industrial-grade design makes the K245 a trusted solution to optimize your fleet efficiency and to improve driver safety.

Key Features


Always Connected

- Enjoy seamless connectivity at all times for uninterrupted access to critical data and features.
- Benefit from built-in 4G LTE Cat.6 and dual-band WIFI for fast and reliable internet access.
- Keep your system up-to-date effortlessly with over-the-air firmware and settings updates.
- Enable efficient communication and data exchange with Bluetooth 4.2 BLE support.
- Streamline operations and enhance security with NFC/HF RFID technology.


Reliable and Flexible Platform

- Powered by Qualcomm Octa-core processor and Android 9.0 for reliable performance.
- Open APIs and SDKs facilitate seamless integration with fleet management solutions.
- Robust platform ensures flexibility to adapt to evolving fleet management needs.
- Enhanced processing capabilities enable efficient data handling and analysis.
- Future-proof design supports scalability and expansion as fleet requirements grow.


Track your Fleets in Real-Time.

- Real-time fleet tracking with comprehensive satellite monitoring.
- Optional Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) ensures precise positioning even in adverse conditions.
- Enhanced monitoring capabilities with 3-axis G-sensor.
- Gyro support for accurate tracking of fleet movements and behavior.
- Seamless integration into existing fleet management systems for streamlined operations.


Get the Full Picture of your Vehicles.

- ECU integration enables acquisition of comprehensive vehicle and engine telematics data.
- Dual storage options ensure all video footage is securely stored both locally on the SD card and in the Cloud.
- Enhanced Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) provide real-time alerts and warnings to drivers.
- Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) offer continuous monitoring of driver behavior for increased safety.
- Comprehensive vehicle insights allow for proactive maintenance and optimization of fleet operations.

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