Security System

Security Surveillance Systems

The word surveillance may be applied to observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment (such as CCTV cameras), or interception of electronically transmitted information (such as Internet trafficor phone calls).

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Fire Alarm Systems

An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is classified as either automatically actuated manually actuated, or both to control the spread of fire and smoke..

Bio-metric Attendance Device range

Biometrics (or biometric authentication) refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits.Biometrics is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control.It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a device or software application that monitors network or system activities for malicious activities or policy violations and produces reports to a management station. Some systems may attempt to stop an intrusion attempt but this is neither required nor expected of a monitoring system.

Video Door Phones

Video door entry is a stand-alone system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building with access controlled by audiovisual communication between the inside and outside. The main feature of video door entry is that it enables the person indoors to identify the visitor.