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Home is the ultimate sanctuary we have, to live in peace and comfort. Fear of danger should be far from our minds. Our surveillance systems can protect homes from theft, intrusions and crime. The Video Analytics capability of our systems can play a critical role in investigation of any criminal incident. Talk to us to know more.



Motion-based alarm Any unlawful intrusion into a home during a pre-set time can be detected to trigger an alarm.
In-home monitoring Unattended children, elderly people and even pets can be watched. Domestic care-givers for small children or elderly people can be monitored live; once aware of being watched care-givers become cautious and diligent in their work.
Visitor monitoring Beyond mere monitoring, visitors coming and going can be recorded if required.
Vehicle tracking Movement of vehicles can be monitored in gated residential complexes. Prevent parking in no parking or pedestrian pathways by triggering an alarm. Vehicles moving in wrong direction can be detected and reported.
Number plate recognition Allows residents unobstructed access to their vehicles in residential complexes.
Parking lot monitoring Vehicular movement and their direction can be detected and analysed for better traffic management.
Premise monitoring Unauthorised entry into restricted zones can be detected and reported.
Perimeter monitoring The boundary walls of a residential complex can be monitored and alarm raised based on motion detection to prevent intrusion.
Loitering alarm Suspicious loitering around in specified areas for longer than necessary (pre-set time) can trigger an alarm and thus deter such activities
Object detection Any suspicious looking or unattended object detected can raise an alarm as a precaution.
Tampering detection Supporting video analytics can detect tampering or sabotage of the surveillance system and automatically raise alarm.
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