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Guests come to enjoy, relax, celebrate or even work in peace. Fear of danger should be far from their minds. Our surveillance systems can protect hotels from intruders. Also help security staff to monitor movement and deter misconduct. The Video Analytics capability of our systems can play a critical role in investigation of any criminal incident. Talk to us to know more.



Motion-based alarm Any unlawful intrusion during a pre-set time can be detected to trigger an alarm.
Number plate recognition Identify vehicles for reference. Also provide smooth access to VIP vehicles.
Vehicle counting Provides information on volume of traffic and help in traffic and parking lot management, and provides valuable data for facility planning.
Face recognition All visitors can be recorded. Live streaming of videos can be matched with existing database of images of known offenders to prevent a possible crime. Or detect unauthorised entry into restricted areas. It can also be used to identify the presence of a VIP and alert staff for attention.
Guest monitoring Gathering of sudden crowd can be detected and defused before situation escalates into a crisis. Tracking guests entering the property can help in facility upgradation and efficient staff deployment. It can also help in developing marketing initiatives to leverage assets and resources.
Elevator monitoring To prevent misuse or misconduct such as harassment.
Premise monitoring Strategically placed monitoring can record entry and exit of hotel staff and guests. Once aware of being monitored it deters theft, misconduct or untoward incidents. Lobby monitoring can keep tab on guest luggage and cash counter to avoid misappropriation.
Kitchen and banquet area monitoring To ensure hygiene standards are maintained. Also ensure discipline and prevent unruly behaviour in serving areas.
Perimeter monitoring The boundary walls of a property can be monitored and alarm raised based on motion detection to prevent intrusion. Unauthorised entry into restricted zones can be detected and reported.
Backroom staff monitoring Once employees become aware of being monitored they become cautious and diligent at work. It also helps record and detect any misconduct or harassment within the premise.
Loitering alarm Suspicious loitering around in specified zone for longer than necessary (pre-set time) can trigger an alarm and thus deter such activities.
Object detection Any suspicious looking or unattended object detected can raise an alarm as a precaution.
Tampering detection Supporting video analytics can detect tampering or sabotage of the surveillance system and automatically raise alarm.
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